Movie of Exoplanets orbiting their Star HR 8799

Watching exoplanets orbiting their star HR8799 129 light-years away in constellation Pegasus. Starlight is dimmed out. Otherwise the star would outshine its much tinier and fainter planets. Movie was made by astronomers of the interdisciplinary scientific network NExSS (Nexus for Exoplanet System Science) from pictures taken over 7 years with Keck Observatory in Hawai. 
The innermost of the four visible exoplanets (all Jupiter-like but more massive) has on orbital period of about 40 years, outermost of about 400 years. There may exist additional planets in the inner zone of this planetary system but to small to be visible so far.

Movie of the orbiting exoplanets of HR8799 could become a landmark in history of astronomy. Maybe like the 4 large moons orbiting Jupiter first watched by Galileo Galilei with his small home-made telescope in the beginning of 17th century. For the first time the Heliocentric model of our solar system became lively conceivable. The Jupiter system with the four orbiting Galilean moons worked the same way like our solar system with the planets orbiting the Sun.

Jens Christian Heuer